Email to My Real Estate Agent

My landlord decided to change insurers to someone with family ties and suddenly I was confronted with a list of new, stringent compliance requirements that had never been demanded in the past, all of which I have spent weeks to meet, except the one last point regarding my exhaust that will cost me $900 to fix, which I’m resisting.  At Noah’s bedside at the ICU I just got an email from the real estate agent chasing me up about it.


First of all Anthony, I have received no further correspondence regarding the invasion of privacy and breach of contract with the workers turning up unannounced and banging on my roof when I was trying to sleep when I was heavily pregnant with severe complications.  Not good enough that you would say you would tell the owner.  You’ve said that many times before and it still happens.

Second of all, if you’re talking about the filters, I’ve been given a ballpark date with which to look for receipts from the cleaning but my staff have yet to recover them since as you can imagine, I have full boxes of tiny little receipts to go through.

Third of all re: the exhaust cleaning, I got a quote from an exhaust cleaning specialist who in his own words, said that THERE IS NO RISK BASED ON HIS ASSESSMENT AND ON THE TYPE OF COOKING I DO, OF THERE BEING A FIRE HAZARD.

Fourthly, as I have repeatedly pointed out to you, this is a completely out of the blue requirement by the new insurance brokers who are making completely unreasonable requests for compliance that have NEVER been requested in the 6 or so years I’ve been at the premises.

Fifthly, if it means that much to them, based on the exhaust cleaning people’s own assessment, I can try to organise for an objective third party certified inspector to check it out and produce a certificate stating there is no need for cleaning and no fire hazard posed.

And FINALLY, I just delivered my baby 6 weeks prematurely last week via emergency caesarean, I’m in the hospital 12-14hours a day to be by his side at the ICU, he’s suffering from THREE life threatening conditions, one of which has a 90% mortality rate (in other words, 9 out of 10 babies with this condition DIE)…so take this for what it’s worth, the filter BULLSHIT is not on my priority list right now.

Jackie M.


7 thoughts on “Email to My Real Estate Agent

  1. Jackie, take it easy.
    I wish i could b there to help u up.
    Noah will b fine, GOD will keep him healthy n strong.
    Love, Choy Peng.

  2. I have so much anger for you right now. How can they pile so much on you. You deserve rest 😦 cruel world. I am still praying for Noah for you Jackie, stay strong <3!

    • Thank you Julie; I really, really appreciate it. They’re downplaying his chances which is freaking me out right now but it’s comforting at the same time knowing there are people out there praying for him.

  3. Dear girl, I didnt even know u were pregnant. I am trying to call you but the msg keep telling me its incomplete. 61425797718. I called u on ths number before. Is it the correct number?

    • I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you! Yes the number should be correct and should just need the international access code in front of it – how weird. Email me yours ( and I’ll call you 🙂

  4. You did have a hard time with all the things that have been going on. There had been a lot of ways where you could possibly do things. Don’t worry things will be alright.

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