My first post here in over 4 years – and yes, a lot has happened over that period. I started this blog to talk about my memories of Malaysia and my early days here in Australia, but it veered towards dealing with present life experiences when Baby Noah came along seven years ago.

I still have a few stories about the former which I’ve yet to publish; beyond that, I’m not quite sure what direction to take this website, since I do write on other platforms as well (ie. I might have been quiet here, but I’ve been venting and publishing elsewhere).

After kind of spacing off on this for years, I’ve felt a burden of responsibility to state that I’m now a born-again Christian – a horribly-flawed one, but a Christian, nonetheless. The reason why I feel the need to state this is in part because of the stories I’ve posted here about visiting psychics and mediums etc. during that time in my life when I needed certainty about the future.

I have a lot more to say about this, and I’ll do so in good time. Right now, I just want to disavow all of that, so that those of you who have been concerned (or worse, misled into doing the same) might know where I stand.

One of you wrote and chided me for indulging in what they described as superstitious “hocus-pocus” – hence the title of this post. I didn’t respond at the time because I was offended – which is a lesson for those who think they’re helping, but are actually being a turn-off. We Christians need to learn how to talk about our beliefs without coming across as judgemental jerks. The fact is, the paranormal is more than just “hocus-pocus” – it is very real and it is dangerous and destructive.

More on this later. Thanks for sticking around, and I’ll write again soon.


Image by AgnieszkaMonk from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Hocus-Pocus

  1. Hi. I discovered your blog around 3 years ago and I had commented on some parts of the topics and you, had kindly replied to my comments so thank you first and foremost. Over the years I had often come back to your blog and re-read over and over again on your interesting topics, especially the ones about your life in Malaysia before you migrated. It gave me an insight of the past Seremban town way before I was conscience to notice it (that time you had already migrated). Life in the 80s was widely different than life in the 90s (where I spent time as a teenager).

    Perhaps you can continue writing about your old life in Malaysia from time to time; if extra time is available? And who knows, perhaps one day you can compile everything to be published into a book. My life growing up was not really colourful as my parents are rather strict. It was only when i grew up a bit older (rebelling) then they started to be a bit lenient. Thus I really enjoyed reading your stories and adventures in Malaysia including your interesting family members too, and I am sure there are a lot more adventures that you can put up for ‘fans’ like me to read. Well, just a suggestion.

    There is one mystery that I would like to ask u, since your playground is at Temiang (I lived in Rahang, which is at the other end). During your days here, are you aware of the ‘centipede temple’ in Temiang? As weird as it seems, I only know its existence only a few years ago, but I was told that it existed many, many years ago (about 150 years ago).

    Thanks for your time again, Jackie.

    • Hi Fa’bian, thanks very much for your comment; yes I’m aware of the centipede temple, we could see it from our house in Kampung Baru Bukit Temiang. Back in my early teens I used to get what must either be sleep paralysis or lucid dreams where I’d feel like I was woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of the monks’ chanting in the distance and the feeling that my bed was tipping and that I was about to slip into this abyss at the foot of my bed. I knew about the temple but didn’t know the origin of the name; one of my brothers said that our mom told him a giant centipede descended at the spot where the temple was built in the form of a lightning strike many years ago. Yes I’ll try to write more about Seremban when I get the chance đŸ™‚

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